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Nowy numer Polish Yearbook of International Law (33/2013)

Miło nam poinformować, że właśnie ukazał się nowy numer Polish Yearbook of International Law (33/2013). Poniżej zamieszamy spis treści. numeru. Informacje na temat miejsc, w których można nabyć Yearbook'a są dostępne tu. Poprzednie numery Yearbook'a są dostępne, między innymi, w internetowej czytelni czasopism PAN.

1) Articles
- Maurizio Arcari, The Creeping Constitutionalization and Fragmentation of International Law: From “Constitutional” to “Consistent” Interpretation
- Cezary Mik, Jus Cogens in Contemporary International Law
- Gino J. Naldi, Konstantinos D. Magliveras, Human Rights and the Denunciation of Treaties and Withdrawal from International Organisations
- Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC, Free Speech Today
- Dimitry Kochenov, On Policing Article 2 TEU Compliance – Reverse Solange and Systemic Infringements Analyzed
- Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk, À la recherche d’une cohérence perdue – Possible Arguments for the Non-application of EU Law in Member States
- Jakub Kociubiński, Consolidation or Fragmentation? European Competition Law in the EU Air Transport Sector: A Policy Analysis

2) Comments on Janowiec and Others v. Russia
- Ireneusz C. Kamiński, The Katyń Massacre before the European Court of Human Rights: A Personal Account
- Yaroslav Kozheurov, The Case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia: Relinquishment of Jurisdiction in Favour of the Court of History
- William Schabas OC MRIA, Do the “Underlying Values” of the European Convention on Human Rights Begin in 1950?
- Susana Sanz-Caballero, How Could It Go So Wrong? Reformatio in Peius before the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR in the Case Janowiec and Others v. Russia (or Polish Collective Memory Deceived in Strasbourg)
- Gabriella Citroni, Janowiec and Others v. Russia: A Long History of Justice Delayed Turned into a Permanent Case of Justice Denied
- Answers to the Questions for the Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia

3) Polish Practice in International Law
- Szymon Zaręba, China and Hong Kong: The One Country, Two Systems Principle and Its Practical Implications for Polish Civil Courts

4) Book Reviews

5) Polish Bibliography of International and European Law 2013

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