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Call for papers: International Law and the Changing Economic & Political Landscape in Asia (Bangkok, listopad 2015)

 The Asian Society of International Law zaprasza do przesyłania propozycji referatów na konferencję zatytułowaną “International Law and the Changing Economic & Political Landscape in Asia”, która odbędzie się w Bangkoku w dniach 26-27 listopada 2015 r.

Tematyka określona przez organizatorów obejmuje następujące kwestie:

1. Changing approaches to international law Changing approaches to international law as a discipline, including studies on the teaching, research and practice of international law in Asian contexts; Third World approaches to international law; the contribution of civil society to international law; the turn to “global constitutionalism”; and the UN Charter and the development of international law;

2. Emerging issues in human rights Issues in the international protection of human rights, including the evolving position on the responsibility to protect (“R2P”); the empowerment of women in Asian societies; and the impact of labor migration;

3. Conflict of laws relating to marriage, adoption, surrogacy and custody of children;

4. Energy and natural resources law, including their joint and sustainable development; comparative regulatory and fiscal regimes (e.g. concession v. production-sharing v. service contracts, etc.) and cross-border pollution;

5. International environmental law: Climate change and disaster management

6. Food security, health and sanitary cooperation;

7. International cooperation against organized crime and its punishment: terrorism, drug smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, anti-corruption; and the illicit trade in cultural artifacts, especially in conflict situations;

8. International Humanitarian Law

9. Law of the Sea, including piracy and maritime security and safety in the Asian region

10. Legal aspects of regional integration in its political and social dimensions, including ASEAN Integration, free trade agreements, and security arrangements;

11. Peaceful resolution of political and territorial disputes in Asia, including legal frameworks for cooperation

12. Resolution of international trade and business disputes in Asia, including the enforcement of arbitration awards and foreign judgments

13. International Investment Law

14. Trade- and business-related issues, including the regulation of cyber matters Issues relating inter alia to competition law; anti-dumping safeguards; intellectual property rights; transfer pricing; WTO obligations of Asian countries; trade sanctions to prevent breaches of International Humanitarian Law; micro-finance and small- and medium-sized enterprises; and finance and investment including SMEs and micro-finance.

Propozycje referatów (maksymalnie 500 słów) można przesyłać do 10 lipca 2015 r. Więcej szczegółów można znaleźć tu.

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