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Call for submissions: International Journal of Transnational Justice

The International Journal of Transnational Justice zaprasza do przesyłania tekstów do swojego specjalnego numeru zatytułowanego "Beyond Borders: Regional Dimension and Dynamics of Transnational Justice", który ukaże się w 2017 r.

Czasopismo jest szczególnie zainteresowane następującymi tematami:

  • Do regional political or judicial institutions play an important role in shaping transitional justice tools and, if so, do they contribute to a feeling of ownership in transitional societies?
  • Is transitional justice the product of Judeo-Christian culture, or is it universal? If it is universal, why does it appear to be less developed in the Middle East and North Africa and in Asia?
  • Is the need to deal with the violent past universal, or is it a reflection of western ethnocentrism?
  • Are there significant differences in approaches to transitional justice in different regions? If yes, what explains these differences?
  • Is the way in which transitional justice tools are used in different regions a reflection of specific regional challenges?
  • Can and should (official) regional truth commissions be created despite the political obstacles?
  • How should we understand the role of religion and religious leaders in transitional justice efforts in different regions?
  • How do national, regional and international contexts – legal, political, institutional or other – interact with transitional justice?
  • To what extent is the legacy of law in a given region the result of radically different historical experiences (for example, law being a tool for enforcing domination in the colonies), and how does this influence the possibilities of pursuing transitional justice?
  • To what extent is the European Union as a donor for transitional justice initiatives imposing a particular regional approach on recipient countries affected by different regional constraints?
Teksty można przesyłać do 1 lipca 2016 r. Więcej szczegółów jest dostępnych tu.

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