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Call for submissions: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Czasopismo "Transnational Dispute Management" ogłosiło call for submissions dotyczący swojego specjalnego numeru zatytułowanego "The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement". Redaktorzy numeru wskazali interesujące ich obszary tematyczne (ale przesyłane teksty mogą również dotyczyć innych aspektów TPP):
  • The convergence or divergence of international trade and/or investment law trends in the TPP.
  • The balance struck within a TPP chapter between measures designed to facilitate international trade and/or investment and a host state's sovereign right to regulate as a means of achieving legitimate policy objectives, including the protection of human rights, health, the environment, public morals, cultural institutions, the financial sector or intellectual property.
  • Intended and unintended legal consequences of the TPP's "rules of origin" provisions on local labour markets.
  • The facilitation or impairment of market access for trade in services under the TPP.
  • The treatment of technical barriers to trade, such as labeling and manufacturing standards, or food safety measures under the TPP versus WTO agreements and other mega-regional trade treaties.
  • Supply chain risks and opportunities created by the TPP for multi-national organizations and/or member states and state-owned enterprises.
  • The impact of the TPP on transformative/disruptive technologies or business models and related domestic law.
  • Reconciling member states' rights and obligations under the TPP with their other international trade and/or investment law treaty obligations.
  • Changes made to various aspects of the investment chapter, including the definition of investment and investor and the scope and application of non-discrimination provisions.
  • Procedural and remedial advantages and disadvantages of the TPP's dispute resolution provisions as compared to other international trade and/or investment law treaties.
Propozycje tekstów lub gotowe artykuły można przesyłać do 30 września 2016 r. Numer ukaże się w 2017 r. Więcej szczegółów można znaleźć tu.

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