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Call for papers: Law and Colonial Violence: An International Workshop (Londyn, luty 2017)

Queen Mary University of London, Cambridge University, and the European University Institute zapraszają do udziału w warsztatach naukowych zatytułowanych "Law and Colonial Violence: An International Workshop", które odbędą się 14 lutego 2017 r. w Londynie. 

Proponowane tematy obejmują:
  • the implementation of colonial emergency laws at a local, regional or national level; 
  • law as a justifier or facilitator of violence; 
  • law as an instrument for limiting or ending colonial violence; 
  • the laws of war and human rights in colonial and postcolonial contexts; 
  • a conceptual or theoretical history of law, civilization, race, and colonial violence; 
  • indigenous resistance and the law; 
  • historical comparisons across time, geographical locations (metropole/periphery), and empires; 
  • the influence of empire on the drafting of new laws or declarations regulating warfare and imperial policing; 
  • the problem of clashing or overlapping legal regimes in imperial contexts (e.g. emergency laws vs. human rights).
Propozycje referatów (maksymalnie 350 słów) można przesyłać do 17 grudnia 2016 r. Więcej szczegółów można znaleźć tu.

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