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Call for papers: Refugee protection and the European civil society (Budapeszt, maj 2017)

Węgierska Akademia Nauk, Central European University, Ruhr University zapraszają do przesyłania propozycji referatów na warsztaty naukowe zatytułowane "Refugee protection and the European civil society", które odbędą się w Budapeszcie na początku maja 2017 r. Organizatorzy są szczególnie zainteresowani następującymi pytaniami:
  • What are the forms of actual civil society based refugee protection in different EU member states and how do these operate under different economic, political and historic contexts?
  • How are networks of individual, collective and corporate actors focused on refugee protection organised at transnational, national and local level?
  • What is the relation of civil society based refugee protection to debates and policies on migrant integration?
  • At the individual level, who is active in refugee protection? What are the structural conditions of taking part - either symbolically or practically -, and which norms and values motivate people to be active in some way?
  • How do previous experiences of migration and civil mobilisation in support of migrants influence and shape current organisations and networks?
  • How are public discourses and ideologies of refugee protection (or rejection) related to general cognitive maps and discourses of migration (e.g. to categories of mobility, and more specifically, to distinctions between deserving and undeserving migrants)?
  • To what extent may these actions, practices and interactions be understood as political struggles and social movements? How are these related to collective actions of other marginalised groups? What are the political subjectivities produced by engaging in such activities?
  • What is the impact of these local, national and European refugee related networks on European policy, agenda setting and decision making?
Propozycje referatów można przesyłać do 30 stycznia 2017 r. Więcej informacji jest dostępnych tu.

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