wtorek, 11 kwietnia 2017

Call for papers: The legitimacy of "Unseen Actors" in International Adjudication (Haga, październik 2017)

PluriCourts we współpracy z Europa Instituut (Leiden University) zaprasza do udziału w konferencji zatytułowanej "The Legitimacy of "Unseen Actors" in International Adjudication", która odbędzie się w dniach 26-27 października 2017 r. w Hadze. Organizatorzy są szczególnie zainteresowani następującymi obszarami tematycznymi:
  • Appointment: Which legitimacy issues could arise relating to recruitment, selection and (renewal of) appointment of members of the registries, secretariats and legal officers, including the conditions of such appointment in terms of expertise and/or representativeness? How could the competence of certain secretariats to appoint adjudicators (ICSID annulment committees; WTO panels; default appointment procedures in arbitration) be assessed from a legitimacy perspective? 
  • Case management: How do ‘unseen actors’ at international courts and tribunals work with disputing parties to manage pending cases, for example through agreeing on a written submission calendar or to seek a solution for cases that have been “on the docket” for a considerable amount of time? How do the various allocation systems for individual cases operate? How may practices on case preparation and deference to State policy from a case management/procedural viewpoint affect legitimacy? 
  • Deference to the bench: How is the legitimacy of the judicial process maintained through the relationship between the ‘unseen actors’ and the bench, in terms of setting the agenda of court or tribunal meetings; attending deliberations; preparatory research and contribution to the drafting of parts of decisions, including interlocutory orders? With regard to the CJEU, the interaction of the bench with the Advocate-General could be examined. 
  • Cost-, time- and technological efficiency: How could the performance of members of the registries and secretariats, and legal officers be assessed in terms of the legitimacy of the dispute settlement process? Similar questions may arise with regard to the organization of translator and interpreter services; or the application and reform of procedural rules. Legitimacy issues in this context could relate to the need for competitive efficiency, as compared to other dispute settlement mechanisms, while offering effective access to justice and a fair trial. 
  • Accountability and transparency of the ‘unseen actors’
  • Outreach and capacity-building: How does the ‘public-facing’ role of secretariats and the extent to which there is room for public scrutiny, for example by NGOs, contribute to the legitimacy (and the perception thereof) of international adjudication. How could one assess the complex relationship of the ‘unseen actors’ as part of the liaison of the adjudicatory institution with the disputing parties, host State and the media – as well as, in some cases, the training provided to developing country judges and registries.
Propozycje referatów można przesyłać o 31 maja 2017 r. Więcej szczegółów dostępnych jest tu.

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