sobota, 27 maja 2017

Call for Papers: TDM Special Issue on Judicial Measures and Investment Treaty Law

Czasopismo Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) zaprasza do przesyłania tekstów do nowego specjalnego numeru zatytułowanego "Judicial Measures and Investment Treaty Law". Redaktorzy numeru są szczególnie zainteresowani następującymi tematami:
  • Should a distinction be drawn between judiciaries in common law (where activist judges can make and change the application law) and civil law jurisdictions?
  • Is denial of justice the only substantive standard theory of liability for judicial measures?
  • In the absence of a denial of justice, are there other treaty standards, such as judicial expropriation, breach of the minimum standard of treatment requirement or the fair and equitable treatment requirement, or a failure to provide effective means of asserting claims, available to a foreign investor for asserting claims arising out of a judicial act (or omission)?
  • If so, what should be the contours and parameters of these treaty standards?
  • What should be the default remedy for judicial measures such as judicial expropriation? Should it be compensation, restitution of property rights, or are there other potential remedies available to a foreign investor?
  • And if there are other treaty standards available to a foreign investor for asserting claims arising out of a judicial act or omission, is it still necessary to exhaust local remedies?
  • Should a claim based on judicial expropriation be allowed where a judicial decision determined that a property right was invalid under domestic law?
  • Should a fundamental shift in jurisprudence such as in the Eli Lily case result in an expropriation claim against the host state?
  • What jurisdictional and merits defences are available to sovereign states in claims arising out of judicial measures?
Propozycje artykułów można przesyłać do 1 września 2017 r. Więcej szczegółów jest dostępnych tu.

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